DOSRAD V4 available

DOSRAD latest release available in the Systema V4 framework!

Registered users can download it here : Installer, Manual, Tutorials
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The latest release of the Systema V4 Suite comes with a new application available : Dosrad.

It gives to Dosrad the Systema V4 modeller full capabilities:

  • More interactive and user-friendly 3D geometrical modelling
  • Import external format : STEP AP203, VRML,...
  • Boolean shapes available
  • Dynamic checking of parameters and properties consistency
  • Parametric analysis
  • ...

This new version benefits furthermore from the Thermica V4 ray-tracing
algorithm improved performances and accuracy.

Dosrad V4 offers full V3 compatibility :

  • Imports SYSEXP files with attached Radiation Properties
  • Converts V3 material files
  • Imports TARGET definitions in loading DOSTAR files
  • Use of the same Dose Curve format

New features already available :

  • No more limitation on number of rays, leading to reduced meshing and improved 3D performances
  • Dose computation at a specific point in the model, without target box
  • Possibility to refine mesh on one specific Target Box Face
  • Capability to superimpose pre- and post-processing properties, improving results analysis efficiency

New features soon available :

  • Ray path display filtered by dose value and statistics
  • Mesh by mesh impacted surfaces
  • Export 6 faces sectoring analysis results in csv file
  • Automated material file conversion
  • Automated parametric analysis

This new release comes also with a "Getting Started" example as well as
with a "Dosrad V4 : How To Re-Use my Dosrad V3 Settings" document.

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