Improvement of Ray-Tracing accuracy

Since the 4.8.0 Thermica version, it is possible to use a quasi Monte-Carlo ray-tracing which greatly improves the accuracy of the computation. Rather than using classical independent random values sampling, the quasi-random approach is based on a low discrepancy values selection in 2D or 4D spaces (a 2D space is used to get emission points of the solar flux simulation – a 4D space is used to get emission points and directions of the radiative couplings computation).

This new ray-tracing has been tested on both simple cases so to evaluate the convergence rate and accuracy compared to analytical results and also on complex industrial cases. The conclusions were that the new algorithm is always more accurate, dividing by 4 to 10 the error when using 10.000 rays. Radiative couplings, solar fluxes and even planet fluxes, computed from the radiative exchanged factors to discretized space elements, have been greatly improved.

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