Systema-4.8.2 release

The new Short Term Support version of Systema is now available.

Systema-4.8.2 embeds a reworked variables system enabling much more powerful parametric data definitions. Variables can be defined with dependencies toward other variables using a mathematical syntax managing both scalar and vector types. This feature enables complex parametric modelling through a redesigned variables table window.

Thermica-4.8.2 application scope extends to a broader range of use-cases by integrating a convection module. This module enables the measurement of thermal exchanges due to the contact of the model with fluids (typically air cavities).  This module can for example support temperature computations in the context of ambient thermal testing.

Power-4.8.2 is the first official release of the Power application for the Systema V4 framework. This application enables the modelling of power systems as 2D schematics combining electrical, thermal and logical networks of programmable components.

Those new features come along with various improvements of the existing Systema functionalities. A significant boost of the 3D rendering algorithm enables manipulations of very large models with stable frame rates. The Python API was enriched with a GUI for the capture of input parameters as well as with different documentation examples. Finally, many bug fixes and ergonomics improvements were implemented to ensure stability and user-friendliness.

Systema-4.8.2 is available in 64 bits version for both Windows and Linux in the download area. If you have questions about this release, please contact our support team:

·         e-mail:

·         hotline:  +33 (0)5 31 96 80 00

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