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Thermisol is a powerful Ordinary Differential Equation solver. It is used to solve the temperature field from the data computed by Thermica in steady-state and/or transient modes. The temperature integration routines used are optimized to prevent from convergence difficulties such as oscillations and is very robust.

Thermisol lays on a powerful input language that allows users to interact with the model via subroutines and function written in a Fortran-like code. It is so possible to model any thermal control or event and to get the temperature field and fluxes calculated taking them into account.

In addition to the temperature solver, Thermisol provides a dedicated interface with Thermica outputs through the management of mathematical model skeletons. Post-processing features are also available so to compute exchanged fluxes, time or spatial min-max, power budgets, sink temperatures…

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Systema-4.8.3 release

The new Long Term Support version of Systema is now available


Systema-4.8.2 release

The new Short Term Support version of Systema is now available.


Patch of Systema

A patch of Systema (4.8.0p1) has been issued to fix some bugs. The following bug fixes are...

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