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For more than 25 years, Airbus Defence and Space has continuously forged a strong expertise in modelling and simulation of all aspects related to the space systems. This led to the development of modelling tools to support the development of an up-to-date and optimised design for any spacecraft, equipment or instrument. This line of activities concerns all the relevant technical fields: the satellite mission, the overall design of the satellite, its interaction with the complex Space environment, together with the detailed design of critical aspects like thermal behaviour or impact of radiation.

This experience is, on the one side, based on a deep experience in the understanding of physical phenomena covering a wide panel of domains: space environment, thermal analysis, radiation, contamination, infrared signature, mission analysis, image processing, etc. Various modelling tools have been developed to analyse the spacecraft performances: they are based on up-to-date numerical methods particularly adapted to handle a system as complex as a spacecraft.

On the other side, it is also based on an expertise in computer technologies allowing Airbus DS to develop efficient tools oriented towards the user’s needs. This is obtained through a mastering of the 3D technologies, the user interface development and the database management.

These competencies and organization led to the development of the Systema software family, which is at the leading edge of modelling tools for space applications. Beyond, due to its modularity and to its wide panel of technical domains, Systema is also well suited to support other technical domains: aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive industry, vacuum technologies…

The organisation of the Systema team aims to take advantage of these dual competencies to develop state of the art Space engineering tools: a group is in charge of the kernel (CAE software development team) and another one of the development of Space related applications.

In parallel, the Systema team is organised to provide to its customers a complete support: installation of the software, training, hot line support, problem correction, dedicated evolutions of tools.

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