Systema-4.8.3 release

The new Long Term Support version of Systema is now available


Systema-4.8.3 becomes highly customizable through a settings system. Settings are user options that are persisted between Systema start-ups. They can be used, among other things, to:

  • Customize the GUI (choice of tabs to display, geometrical shapes icons visibilities, etc)
  • Define user functions (Python scripts accessible from the GUI)
  • Tune the file import/export options (ex : Step files tesselation)

Systema-4.8.3 embeds finite cutters management to facilitate the exchange of geometry/meshing with other thermal software. Also specific items (i.e. non-geometrical items) created from the GUI can now reference individual meshes/nodes in the shell geometries (instead of only shapes).

Systema-4.8.3 embeds new custom earth celestials with more accurate trajectory modelling around 2020, 2030 and 2040 decade.

Moreover, post-processing diagrams can work on folders also called file list (instead of single files). Using a Processing output folder as the input of a Post-processing makes the results management way easier.

Thermica-4.8.3 application has been extensively tested and minor bugs have been corrected. For instance the memory limitation regarding the convection module has been extended and the conduction module is more robust.

Plumflow interface is embedded within Systema 4.8.3. The user can now generate thruster models directly into the V4 processing interface, allowing a more flexible management of the different steps and connection between the modules.

Those new features come along with various improvements of the existing Systema functionalities. A significant boost of the Python scripting API performance enables a reduction of the execution time up to 10 times in non-interactive mode. Finally, bug fixes and ergonomics improvements were implemented to improve stability and user-friendliness.


Systema-4.8.3 is available in 64 bits version for both Windows and Linux in the download area. If you have questions about this release, please contact our support team:

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