Thermal Analysis under Excel

ThermiCalc is an Excel interface allowing thermal simulations from a simple description of a nodal network. This tool may be used in a standard mode with a nodal description and conductor’s definition or in an export mode which allows defining variables, arrays or any additional code.


Standard Mode          

Declaring nodes and couplings is very easy: filling the Excel spreadsheets is the only thing one needs to do. The definition of temperatures and time dependencies as well as setting a thermostat can also be easily made by using some wizard modes accessible from the Nodes and Conductors tab.

Then, from the Execution tab, a steady-state and/or transient analysis can be launched. The computation is using Thermisol in the background, meaning that the computation is performed with an extensively validated solver and that Excel’s memory will not continuously increase and get saturated. Results are automatically re-imported back into dedicated results tab. Moreover final temperatures and heat balances are reported into the Nodes and Conductors tab.

In the new 4.8.0 version of ThermiCalc, it is also possible to re-used the last computed end temperatures as initial conditions of a new simulation.



In addition to the Excel available post-processing that may be set by the user, it is possible to automate curves generation from the Execution tab.


Expert Mode

This mode allows using all the Thermisol possibilities including variables and arrays definitions plus any additional code describing temperatures or time dependencies.

Using this mode, it is also possible to import any Thermisol input file or even any outputs from the Thermica modules. This import feature brings a direct link between Thermica or Thermisol and ThermiCalc. Indeed, defining external fluxes can be made from a Systema mission and be imported with just a click.


ThermiCalc: a simple and complete tool

Using the strength and well known environment of Excel, thermal simulations have never been so easy and intuitive. Moreover the full capabilities of Thermisol are integrated so ThermiCalc is as complete and powerful than the classical solver.

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