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Systema-Debris is a 3D geometrical analysis tool for the computation of space debris and micrometeoroids impacts on spacecraft. This tool computes the probability that a MMOD (micrometeoroids or orbital debris) penetrates a spacecraft surface or equipment. The MMOD environment is defined in a STENVI (Standard Environment Interface) that can be computed by standard environment models like MASTER2009.

This tool accounts for the 3D geometry, the surface material characteristics (MLI, honeycomb, equipment walls…), computes the number of impacts/penetrations on a meshed surface, the Probability of No-Penetration of the selected elements and the area of craters induced by impacting debris. To compute the impacts, the user can choose among several classical Balistic Limit Equations:  single wall, multiple walls, SRL.

Systema-Debris computation relies on an advanced ray-tracing algorithm, which can handle complex geometry including CAD shapes and shadowing effects. The results (impacting and penetrating flux) can be displayed on the 3D geometry.

Debris is integrated within the Systema framework.

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