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Systema-Dosrad is a sectorial analysis tool for radiation design. It uses the complete 3D geometrical model of the structure and material characteristic to compute total ionizing dose, it is especially suited for system design and shielding computation and optimization.
Given the mission dose-depth curve, dose integration is performed by a solid angle sector analysis using a ray-tracing technique.

Ouput provided by Dosrad can be:

  • equivalent thickness of structure shielding and total dose computation at equipment level with mesh refinement
  • equivalent shielding thickness and total dose computation at component level
  • Mapping of the dose  with mesh refinement

Dosrad is suited with several unique key features as:

  • Python scripting top enhance automatization of  radiation design process
  • Material database reference
  • GDML interface via Systema Framework
  • User friendly pre and post processing option with 3D interactive visualization of results

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Product news


Systema-4.8.3 release

The new Long Term Support version of Systema is now available


Systema 4.7.1 release

Systema 4.7.1 has been released to announce the new age of engineering tools


DOSRAD V4 available

DOSRAD latest release available in the Systema V4 framework!

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