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EPSILON-T2P is an external software developed by EPSILON as a part of the Systema-Thermica ecosystem.

EPSILON-T2P stands for Thermal Post-Processing and aims to complete Systema post-processing by allowing the automation of complex post-processing for any number of calculation cases.

Using sets of nodes, called families or groups, EPSILON-T2P generates a wide range of easily interpretable data between groups and cases.

This tool has been developed for EPSILON thermal team to improve and simplify the analysis process with useful features such as :


  • Automatic and user-defined graphs & Bar charts (temperature, fluxes, power, gradients, margin)
  • Thermal average calculation (temperature, fluxes, gradients)
  • Cases Comparison (sensitivity analysis, worst thermal & thermo-elastic cases identification)
  • Automatic out of specification detection including user-defined uncertainties
  • Post-processing Heat fluxes balance (average values on diagrams & time-tables)
  • HTML Report


The HTML report can be used as a stand-alone and shared directly to the project team. The report can be easily interpreted by a non-initiated person. 

EPSILON-T2P generates a range of outputs with png, xls, h5 and html format to be included directly in reports or to be reworked for specific outputs.

For more information, contact EPSILON-T2P team: support.T2P(at)epsilon-alcen.com

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