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Systema GTD

Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new GTD application for solving antenna’s decoupling and evaluating the electromagnetism power on specific targets or apertures. It handles interactions such as reflections by plan or curved surfaces, diffractions by straight or curved edges and creeping rays on plan surfaces.

The GTD tool is able to model all main antennas currently used on satellites by several means.

The main task of this module is to identify all possible paths that come from a source (antenna) to:

  • antennas (for antenna to antenna decoupling)
  • uniform targets (to evaluate the field at a specific location)
  • aperture targets (to compute the electromagnetic flux crossing an aperture)
  • space (to evaluate the far-field pattern of an antenna modified by the structure)

The second task of this module is to correct the pre-determined path to a specific object (antenna, target or far-sphere) and propagate the electromagnetic field along these paths.

Incoming E-Field from an antenna and its power decoupling are computed on targets. Uniform targets may be used to get results on a surface regardless to their direction. A target aperture may be used to represent a rectangular or circular aperture as an antenna with their radiation pattern. Indeed the E-Field and Power decoupling take into account its radiation pattern.

The Ray-Tracing visualization of SYSTEMA with color bar and filtering options also offers a good check of the GTD results.

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Product news


Systema-4.8.3 release

The new Long Term Support version of Systema is now available


Systema 4.7.1 release

Systema 4.7.1 has been released to announce the new age of engineering tools


Systema-GTD new feature

Systema-GTD includes a new feature to compute the far field antenna pattern disturbed by a geometry.

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