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Systema-Outgassing is a complete tool, intended to model the outgassing process of materials in vacuum.  It also addresses the prediction of the deposition (and induced contamination) by outgassed molecules on sensitive surfaces. It is particularly adapted to simulate the outgassing of a spacecraft in orbit and, more generally, to any problems of outgassing in vacuum: use of vacuum chambers for science and industry for example.

In vacuum, materials and coatings outgas molecules that are trapped or absorbed in some materials. These molecules can re-deposit on critical surfaces such as optical devices or contribute to the presence of a background pressure. The objective of Systema-Outgassing is to simulate the process of material outgassing and the deposit of contaminants on surfaces as a function of time. The computation proceeds in two steps: mass transfer factors computation and deposit evaluation as function of time.

The transfer of mass between surfaces includes:

  • Direct flux,
  • Flux scattered by other contaminant molecules (self-scattering),
  • Flux scattered by ambient gas flux (ambient scattering),

The evolution of the trapped outgassing products and induced deposit is evaluated step by step as function of the surface temperatures. At every step, Systema-Outgassing computes the emitted contaminant mass and the deposition on surfaces taking into account surface re-emission.

Three phenomena are considered:

  • The emission of contaminant molecules present in the materials,
  • The deposit of contaminant molecules on the surfaces (incident masses) due to direct or scattered fluxes.
  • The re-emission of deposed contaminant molecules.

Outgassing is integrated within the Systema framework.

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