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QUARTZ is Airbus Defence and Space operational flight dynamics software, developed in-house by a team with 25 years of experience in space operations.


While SYSTEMA is used to design the satellite and the mission parameters, QUARTZ is used to operate the spacecraft in orbit. Both tools use the Orekit orbit propagation library, ensuring consistency in their results.


QUARTZ is robust, ergonomic, and perfectly suited to operate a fleet of geostationary, medium or low Earth orbit satellites, from launch to end of life.

The new generation of Quartz is based on state-of-the-art web technologies, yet retains all the major features crafted during 25 years of space operations

  • Built from the ground up with automation in mind. Any operation can be performed with either the intuitive web display, or the easy-to-use development interface compatible with any programming language
  • Advanced algorithms for orbit determination, prediction of orbital events, collision avoidance, electrical orbit raising and more
  • Able to handle platforms with chemical and electrical propulsion systems
  • Input/output interfaces based on industry standards and open protocols, for easy integration into any satellite control center

Many customers around the world have trusted our product for their satellite operations.


QUARTZ is also used by Airbus: the same Flight Dynamics team is responsible for both software development and space operations. This ensures that the software is efficient and ergonomic.

We can provide packages including QUARTZ software, training sessions, and support for mission analysis and operations. Feel free to contact us by email at quartz@airbus.com for more information.

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