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Systema Framework

Systema is supported by an integrated infrastructure for describing spacecrafts and their mission. This infrastructure has been specially designed for its usability and for fitting the Systema model in accordance to real cases.

The Systema Framework consists of basic interactive modules to build the geometry, define a trajectory, a kinematics, specify an analysis scenario, set the analysis process and post-process the generated results…


Systema modeler is an interactive tool to build the analysis geometry, define its meshing and its physical properties. In addition, users can visualize computation results applied to the geometrical model.


Trajectory module provides an easy-to-use spacecraft trajectory builder. The trajectory module offers a set of keplerian orbits. It is also possible to import complex trajectories and the module manages every planet of the solar system, the sun and the moon. Analysis can thus be performed for both Earth orbits and complex interplanetary trajectories including several flybys.


Systema integrates a dedicated module to define the kinematics of a spacecraft. Users can thus build entirely the spacecraft attitude. The module handles a large set of classical pointing laws, provides a large range of motion laws and allows users to import complex kinematics if desired.


Mission in Systema is the assembly of the basic entities (geometrical model, trajectory and kinematics) in order to define a scenario that can be used for the application computation codes. Mission model manages also the links between the kinematic bodies and the geometrical objects.


The processing module manages all the computation execution aspects. It allows the user to specify which applications have to be executed, to define their input data and which results have to be generated. Thanks to its versatile architecture, the user can chain several computation codes to specify a complex process of simulation.


Available from the 4.7 version, the post-processing module contains a diagram where toolboxes are chained to manage the results. The user can make a lot of operations on the results like comparison, budgets, extraction, etc. Results can be displayed in custom graphs and tables automatically generated.

The Systema framework embeds several engineering applications allowing to perform the design and evaluate the performances in various technical fields.

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