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Designed for fast temperature predictions, ThermiCalc provides an Excel interface to set-up, run and post-process a thermal case.

A thermal network composed of nodes, couplings and external fluxes can be entirely defined from the Excel spreadsheet with dynamic validations of the data. Standard Thermica outputs may also be imported so to get external fluxes computed on a Systema mission.

Linked with Thermisol for the temperature integrations, ThermiCalc benefits of very advanced functionalities. Indeed this tool covers the need of a quick and easy set-up for simple cases but will also answer to more complex cases.

Steady-state and transient analysis results are then automatically computed and sent back to the Excel spreadsheet where it is possible to easily set-up graphs and post-processing.

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Space Thermal Analysis Workshop 2015

Thermica V4 presentation at the 29th European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop


Space Thermal Analysis Workshop 2014

Thermica V4 presentation at the 28th European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop.

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